Regular Expressions

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Regular Expression

literal value


Matches any character


Character Classes

matches [abc] can be used to match any specific set of characters

^ Negate when its in the bracket

^ # beginning of the line
$ # end of the line



Combine ranges

[abc123] is the same as [a-c1-3]
abc…	Letters
123…	Digits
\d	Any Digit
\D	Any Non-digit character
.	Any Character
\.	Period
[abc]	Only a, b, or c
[^abc]	Not a, b, nor c
[a-z]	Characters a to z
[0-9]	Numbers 0 to 9
\w	Any Alphanumeric character
\W	Any Non-alphanumeric character
{m}	m Repetitions
{m,n}	m to n Repetitions
*	Zero or more repetitions
+	One or more repetitions
?	Optional character
\s	Any Whitespace
\S	Any Non-whitespace character
^…$	Starts and ends
(…)	Capture Group
(a(bc))	Capture Sub-group
(.*)	Capture all
(abc|def)	Matches abc or def