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Library Module

Grid View

J key to toggle between different views
T for toolbar
X for Rejected Flag
1 - 5 for Star Ratings
0 remove Stars
6 - 9 for Color Lables
B Add to Quick Collection

Adding Keyword Sets Keyword sets allow you to create a set of keywords pertaining to a specific topic, eg. (flowers, Nature, Plants) would be a set of keywords to apply to flowers

Use the Keyword set panel

Keyword Nesting Allows to create a hierarchy of keywords. eg United States as top level - NJ Second level -> Paterson etc..

Loupe View

Use I key to toggle between different views

Develop Module

=== Shortcut Keys ===
Y to compare before and after
TAB to Hide Side Panels
H to hide tool overlay
=== Adjustment Brush ===
O Show or hide Mask
 ALT or OPT to erase mask

Sharpening Tool

ALT key will turn image B/W so you can see the edges

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