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Configuring SSH on Mac to auto login with certificate file

Copy the .pem file to the ~/.ssh Directory
nano -w config
IdentityFile ~/.ssh/nameofcertificate.pem
User usernameforlogin

Create EBS Volume On AWS

Volumes - Create Volume,
pick size
attach Volume to instance
Device: not mount point
go into terminal
become root (sudo -i)
format new volume
ls /dev/  this allows you to check the name of mount point of the new drive
mkfs -t ext4 /dev/xvdg or whatever the mount point is
cd into dir where you want to create a mount point for the new volume 
Example cd /var/www/website
Make new dir ( mkdir storage)
Edit the /etc/fstab file to load the new volume whenever the instance is restart
add this to the fstab file
/dev/xvdg (dev mount point) tab2x then /var/www/website/storage tab2x ext4 tab2x defaults tab2x 0 0 thats 2 zeros with a space in between
Save the file
df -h wil show the mount points. the one we added to the fstab will not show yet
mount -a will mount the new mount point from the fstab file

Amazon EC2 Server Setup

SSH into ec2

Download private key into a dir, then cd into dir

ssh -i privatekey.pem user@ipaddress

Setting up amazon cli for backing up from terminal

sudo apt-get install awscli
#check version
aws --version
#configure aws
aws configure

| website with installation instructions

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