Merge files based on ID, then do calculation

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import pandas as pd
import as px
## pip install plotly
excel_book1a = 'Purchases - Home A.xlsx'
excel_prices = 'PriceBook.xlsx'

df_prices = pd.read_excel(excel_prices)
df_homea = pd.read_excel(excel_book1a)

#print(df_prices, df_homea)
## merge the spreadsheet on the id
df_total = df_homea.merge(df_prices, on='ID')

## Create a new column

df_total['Total Price'] = df_total['PURCHASED AMOUNT'] * df_total['Price']


fig = px.pie(df_total[['MATERIAL', 'Total Price']], values='Total Price', names='MATERIAL')

Excel files are in: G:\Dropbox\All Folders\python\python_desktop\automate_excel

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