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=[[Ansible General Commands]]=
=[[Ansible General Commands]]=
=[[Ansible File Commands]]=
=[[Ansible File Commands]]=
=[[Ansible User Commands]]=
<h2><a href="https://docs.ansible.com/ansible/2.5/modules/">Ansible Modules </a> </h2>
=[[Ansible Ad-Hoc Commands]]=
=[[Ansible Roles]]=
'''Roles simplifies long playbooks by grouping tasks into smaller playbooks'''
=[[Ansible Roles by Application]]=
=[[Ansible Tags]]=
=[[Ansible Variables]]=
* Using Variables
* Get input from user (prompt)
=[[Ansible Handlers]]=
=[[Ansible Conditions]]=
=[[Ansible Vault]]=
=[[Ansible Management Tools]]=
=[[Ansible Documentation]]=

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